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February 16th, 2012, 11:02 am

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[“[...] assumed that Galen needed simple soldiers for [...] homunculi for such a job would be unprecedented [...] not unimaginable. If the mission was simple and the objectives clear it is likely that the neuromancers themselves could have imprinted their blank minds with enough information to get the job--”]

["[...] detached from the subtle etheric bonds that held it in place. Too much neglect and all our hard work might [...] as our painstakingly created work might [...] a baser nature. A similar process might also overcome the artificial minds of our charges if they were [...] While we had brought forth a miracle, life [...] from nothing, the resulting creatures remained disturbingly [...] The homunculus paradigm never quite fit the task at hand, and--”]

[“[...] growing affection [...] quickly quiets any methodological doubts [...] may have had about the soundness of our [...] Philosopher was given more or less free range to educate and train our charge as we saw fit. The implicit understanding [...] strategies that showed the greatest promise in the future [...] while the other would not. Needless to say the military training was handled by a [...]"]

[“Galen insists that we teach a wide range of social skills as well, and I could not be happier. Most of my colleagues have teamed up with the neuromancers to try and find a quicker solution to the problem. For the most part these efforts have not been rewarded with success. In one case the result was insanity and a homicide. While it may be possible to bring forth an artificial mind from the great ether, a mind a lone does not make an individual. Something more is needed. A personality and a soul, I think. Some may say that a [...] cannot have a soul. While it is true that we cannot manufa[...] I wonder if they are not capable of growing one them[...] And personality only comes from interaction with others.

Amanda agrees with me on this point, though not on [...]. She is Unit Seven’s technician. Her unit (which she refuses [...] something about the “need to shed identities as will”) is also educated in the real world. I suspect this is because [...] an unhealthy relationship with the immediacy of pain. Still, she gets results. Don’t count on Number Seven to brew you a cup of tea (something that Adam has [...]) but he becomes a dark--”]

homunculus on February 16th, 2012, 11:31 am

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Sorry for the visually unexciting page today, everyone! I'm in the midst of building up a good buffer, so I had to release this page individually instead of as a pair like I'd originally intended.

And thank you so much to Miss Debbie, who generously donated to us. She was a very inspiring influence at my last job, and took me under her wing. I'm not sure how I would have survived otherwise.

See you next week on the 23rd!

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homunculus on February 16th, 2012, 11:34 am

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Curious ...& curiouser

Very interesting so far I look forward to your next update!

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