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May 24th, 2012, 5:41 pm

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Author Notes

Another milestone!

We've crossed the 500 fans mark! Thank you, everyone. It's been my personal favorite birthday surprise so far.

In celebration, please ask us some questions about Green Lion's story, setting and characters in the comments of this page! For next week's update, Ben and I will try to answer a handful, provided there are no big spoilers, of course. ;) If I'm particularly inspired, I might even answer with a bonus drawing.

Once again, thank you all so much, I hope you're enjoying the story so far!

homunculus on May 24th, 2012, 5:44 pm

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User Comments

Congratulations. The comic clearly deserves that many fans, it's one of the best comics out here.

I'm realy curious about this cart Helix gave Adam. Is it a secret message? Looking forward to the next pages.

Irrlichtwinter (Guest) on May 25th, 2012, 5:04 pm

Marvelous Comic

Congrats on the +500 fans.
I really love your comic. It has an interresting plot and while it is slower in its build up and "reveal" moments, I haven't ever felt as if it should speed up.

But what I really find absolutely amazing in your comic, and what sets it apart for me from other amazing comics, is your colour sheme. Your use of colours just seems really special. There seems to be so much blending and shading and the colours also don't seem your standard colours. Hope that explanation made sense, but I'm no artist.

So yes, while I think everything about your comic is great - the story, the art, the way you are telling it - the colouring really makes it super special in my eyes.

Only one comment though, I am starting to have a bit of trouble keeping up with who is who. Not because everybody doesn't look distinct, because they do, but because quite a few characters are introduced into the comic without a proper introduction. Take Amanda for example; she is mentioned in the letters and then in a conversation between Helix and the Black Lady (are we supposed to know her name ... is she "Ellen" that was mentioned in the first chapter?), but when we meet her during her conversation with Col. Galen her name never comes up in the conversation and it isn't very clear that this lady is Amanda. She is called Miss Cross, but I do not think that before hand it was ever mentioned that Amanda's surname was Cross. And the Col. does refer to Seven, but honestly I had already forgotten by then that Seven was the number of Amanda's Unit. I had to go and look up who Four was considering he was Adam in my mind.

So it took me a while to figure out that the lady in the office was Amanda and not a new recruit in for her interview for example. I'm not saying that everytime a new character appears he/she should have a panel introducing her, because that is not how a comic works. But some more clues in the conversation or context or update the cast section might lead to less confusion. Especially if you are going to keep introducing new characters.

This was really just a minor commment, but I couldn't figure out how to explain it without giving the example etc.
But really I love your comic and applaud you for trying to expand from just the traditional comic format. And look forward to more.

Oh, one question though, are we supposed to look up what the tarot cards mean or will they be explained later on?

Flower24 on May 26th, 2012, 8:46 am


Thank you for the detailed feedback. Its always good to hear what is working and what isn't. With regard to your last question (and this also should help irrlichtwinter) we will be seeing more of the card in the next few weeks, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't go out and research it! In fact, we have been dropping hints as to what Helix is really thinking about throughout the comic and especially in the marginalia of his journal.


Trithemius on May 27th, 2012, 2:52 pm


Mario2 on May 30th, 2012, 3:19 pm